Hello All!  As our opening week is coming to an end, I wanted to personally thank you for all the love and support. It truly means the world to me. I am very excited to finally be able to do what I love and create this amazing store to share with you.

I wanted to explain a little about the store and some of the amazing brands and products we have in our store...

Everything I buy I try to have someone in mind who I would see wearing that item. Whether its myself, my daughters, nieces, nephews, friend, neighbor, mother or grandmother I truly try to have something in the store for everyone.

All of the women's clothes that we carry are contemporary in style. I have searched high and low to find the right brands to bring in the store that wont break the bank. I don't believe fashion should cost you a fortune, but I do believe in quality clothing that feels as good on your body as it looks.  The cost is totally worth it when you find that amazing dress, jacket, or hand bag that you will wear over and over again.

For Women...

The handbags from Stellareese Collection are designed by a local Napa Valley designer, Rachel Davies. These hand bags are everything. The price point is amazing for a genuine leather bag. The Genevieve Tote is my absolute favorite thing in the store right now. It is for sure a show stopper with its sleek asymmetrical design, it's for sure to turn heads.

1822 Denim. I brought this denim brand into the store because I personally have been wearing it for years. Its a contemporary brand with an amazing price point. $45 dollars for a great pair of denim is a steal. They always are on trend with new styles and can hold up to my $100 designer jeans.

Another Love. This brand designs the most amazingly soft tee shirts. Most of the styles are a looser fit that does not cling to your body. They are your everyday wear tee shirts that are basics with a twist.

Everly. This is your budget friendly brand and the most affordable collection we have in the store. I brought this brand in because I wanted to have clothing in the store that fit everyone's budget. This is a contemporary brand that does not disappoint in modern, trendy, and up to date styles with every single season. If you love fashion but hate the high designer price point, this brand is for you!

For Kids...

Hatley. This is my favorite children's brand in the store. The clothing is of amazing quality and literally produce the most stylish and fun children's apparel. The best seller this week has been their color changing raincoats. I only have 3 left, but don't worry more is on the way! Right now we have color changing dinosaur rain jackets for boys and color changing horses for girls. Brand new styles will come in a few weeks and I have started a call list due to the high demand.

Grom Squad. These trucker style hats are the most coolest hats for your kiddos.

Bonnie Jean and Hayden Los Angeles. These are great budget friendly brands for your girls. Bonnie Jean is geared towards the more cutsie style of ages 2-10. Hayden LA is of a contemporary style for tweens.

Bear Camp. This is a brand I brought in for boys ages 2-14. They make some great tee shirts and are great quality for a great price point. The Camo Tees have been a favorite this week for boys!

The Store/ The Concept...

There are plenty of great brands and items in our store not listed above, I just wanted to highlight a few of our favorites and best sellers this week.

Everything that comes in is photographed and put up on our website within a day or two. This means you have access to shop our store from anywhere. Whether you like to shop inside our physical store, off our website, from facebook, or instagram, we want to be there for you and cater to the way you like to shop. I understand life is busy and truly want to cater to each and everyone of you.

If you want to shop the store after store hours. I will gladly set up an appointment with you to open our doors. If you see something online and are local but cant make it in the store. Send me a message to hold your item or arrange for me to deliver it to you. I will gladly make house calls to my friends!

Again, thank you for all the love and support this week. I look forward to being your new favorite store!







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